Star signs meanings

December 22-January 20
These people are very organized, patient, and hardworking. They are sometimes pessimistic. Hard work and problems don’t bother them. They are serious and are sometimes shy and quiet. They like routines and like to be alone. They don’t like sports. They don’t like new ideas and inventions.

January 21-February 19
Aquarius people like modern life very much. They have many strange ideas. Aquarius people like to change or make things. They have a lot of energy and are sometimes a little crazy!! They are sometimes rude, but they are romantic. Most Aquarius people are friendly. They like crowds.

February 20-March 20
They are sensitive and sympathetic, but many Pisces people are moody and lazy. They are artistic. Pisces people are not good workers when the job doesn’t need imagination. They are not good businesspeople. They sometimes forget things.

March 21-April 20
Aries people are impatient and aren’t careful. They are good leaders, but some Aries people are bullies. Some Aries people are rude. Aries people aren’t afraid and are never late. They walk fast and like dangerous sports.

April 21-May 21
Taurus people like good food and comfortable things. They are patient, but some Taurus people are stubborn and selfish. They are jealous and careful with money. They don’t like change. Taurus people are good gardeners and musicians.

May 22-June 21
Gemini's are very curious and active. They like travel but don’t like routine work. They are funny, but many Gemini's are moody, and people think they are two-faced.

June 22-July 23
Many Cancer people are nervous and afraid. They like to feel safe. They like to stay at home, and they don’t like to travel. They are sentimental. They are good cooks, but they are messy. They don’t like to throw things out.

July 24-August 23
Leo people are vain, and stuck up. They think they are wonderful. Leos are stylish and fashionable. They love power. They are creative. They aren’t shy. Leos are also generous and romantic.
They like expensive restaurants.

August 24-September 23
Virgos are fussy and tidy. They are perfectionists. Some Virgos are two-faced. They are not romantic, but they are honest. They are calm. Virgos remember small things. Many Virgos like science.

September 24-October 23
Libras are sociable, charming and romantic. Some Libras are cold, unfriendly people. They aren’t selfish. They like nice smells. They also like art and dancing.

October 24-November 22
Scorpios are very strong, but they are also jealous and stubborn. They don’t trust people and some Scorpios are cruel. Some Scorpios are very brave, but some Scorpios are dangerous. They are not honest. They don’t like working with other people.

November 23-December 21
They are open-minded, but they are also rude. Sagittarians are impatient, but they are also generous and optimistic. They are not careful with their money. They like traveling, sports, and outdoor hobbies


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